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In my opinion the 14 year run of keyword to content with backlinks as of 8-1-2018 with the Google "Medic" core update reveals moving into the future that traditional historical SEO IS DEAD.

I know that statement is overstated and dramatic. Yet we may need to be a bit shocked into seeing and believing what is coming. I see the foundation of this change is in the way Google ranks websites and pages now as they now want to return the most "trusted authority" sites at the top of search. This is simple yet complicated at the same time to explain and accomplish.

Websites should now be developed in the following order if they seek the best organic returns they can get since Google now appears to rank the order of importance more like this:

  1. Authority (consider what realistic authority you currently have and what you can attract or develop, consider 5 star "offsite" independent positive reviews as authoritative )
  2. Content ( develop your content from and about your expertise )
  3. Keywords ( the traditional stuff is still important but comes in last now )

Authority ranking will of course vary greatly by industry, website content and other factors. A primary example would be with health, wellness, fitness and medical sites of all kinds. If they are making any form of statement that their information, services and products will somehow benefit you if you use them they will need to present the applicable medical authority to do that. They will also need to have built and maintained relationships within a community of accepted and trusted public medical web resources that mention and link back to their sites thus attesting their trust and relationship with them.

Typical SEO design services I can provide

I will continue to do the following work outlined below for you within your website design, development and support as you will want it in place for better search engine indexing and to go for the best page ranking that you can get.

  • Top to bottom, foundational "white hat" content theme and keyword site design.
  • Target market pages for your products and services.
  • Search engine friendly internal text links.
  • Reviewed, designed and managed meta and alt tags.
  • XML search engine compliant sitemap properly referenced in robots.txt file and submitted direct to queue to be recrawled after substantial content changes.
  • SERP review, tracking and reporting.
  • Verified W3C clean and compliant code - standards are important!

My Site Optimization Support Focus.

Website SEO

Support is the foundation of my web business model success. My custom "build and support" ongoing service program is designed to help my clients get a solid foundational search engine optimized and user friendly "sticky" website up fast and affordable while providing them with their hosting and admin management services, domain name email forwarding setup, monthly content changes and updates, future web page additions, onsite product and services marketing assistance, ethical organic SEO, SERP, analytics, admin management and reporting along with monthly "on-call" support of their unique webmaster level website service needs.

My Website Search Engine Optimized Design Style and Features.

I focus on building real life business websites that are original in appearance with a unique home town "brick and mortar" and "professional services" business credibility. I firmly believe in measurable standards and verify all my HTML code work to be W3C compliant - I have found this is essential to user experience and valid foundational SEO website design results. Contact me for real life local business living website examples that I built and support.

Important ethical SEO / SERP disclaimer.

I am NOT a SEO Guru. I do not "sell" SEO services. I do not promise or make any guarantees about your SERP positions or results. It is not possible or ethical to do so. Please see the Google SEO webmaster guidelines for more search engine specific information about this subject.

Please note that I do not sell links, back links or participate in unethical or "bad neighborhood" link or page rank schemes and that I can not guarantee your organic SERP (search engine return position) or PR (page ranking) on the web. No one can. Honestly, to say otherwise amounts to either fraud, an seo con game or something even worse as it is not professional, ethical or possible to promise to do so.

Here is why: search engines are companies with algorithmic software that systematically crawl the web. They adjust their crawl algorithm and policies to clean out seo keyword spammers and "black hat" tricky "seo gurus" as needed. They make changes to their algorithm based on their current environment on a regular basis. They do this to be able to continue to provide quality "most desired" page returns so that their users are pleased with their results and come back to use the search engine repeatedly. This is why the quality of all search engine returns is fundamentally important even to YOU and YOUR website growth and business.

Additionally your SERP keyword competition along with the new competitor web site programs that can surface regularly, will be unpredictable, change almost daily and can become fierce for top key words. With all this said the ethical way to approach the organic SEO issue and the business opportunity it presents is to create a SEO foundational "white hat" web site that properly presents your unique "non-duplicate" quality content, website themes and keywords to the search engines by submitting your site according to their guidelines, then monitors, manages, reports and adjusts as needed within a best practice ethical SEO management system. This is my objective and goal for your website.

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Your business needs a web site just like it needs a phone.

Here's just a few of the top reasons why you may want choose my service:

  • Over 16 years local business website design and webmaster support experience.
  • Custom created websites that present your unique business personality and message into your marketplace.
  • "Living Website" focused support and development that helps keep your content and code current and updated.
  • Hosting, SSL, security, domain name, admin email setup, web monitoring, intervention and webmaster support.
  • A long term web business serving over 60 active business websites. Most have been with this service for many years.
  • Ridiculously affordable pricing that's probably less per year than you are paying for your cell phone.

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