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Hi, my name is Max West.

About Max West Local Business Website Designer

My passion and mission is to help you create a productive, efficient and affordable business website. To help you grow your local business, branding and presence on the web.

If you would like to find out if my service is a good fit for your business needs too feel free to contact me for a free consultation with a comprehensive site review. I will be happy to answer your questions, provide references and explain how I can very affordably design, develop, implement, manage and support your business web site too.

My "common sense" objective.

Eliminate the hassle, poor service, time delays, high costs, sales techy "myth & hype" that so often surrounds the web industry and promptly get the job done right for you. I want to keep you as a client for many years to come based on my performance. I won't waste your time and dollar investments in my service.

My "build & support" mission.

I expect to continue to develop, update, upgrade, maintain, admin, monitor, support and even occasionally re-design your website so that you are free to focus on your primary business objectives and work flow.

I've developed a flexible "build and support" business model as compared to the typical "template and abandon" web design shop model.

Your unique content and message.

How to develop local business website content

My goal is to help you build a business website that presents your unique personality, branding and message into your community. I will help guide you through the complete website creation process.

A easy and natural way to "jump start" the process and create your very own original text content is too sit down with a cup of coffee, so that you are relaxed and speaking normally just as if the person you are talking to is at the table with you. Write out in your own words the text content needed to communicate your unique passion, mission, message, products and services.

Once that is completed ( and that's always the hardest part to get done ) you can pull together your media items: logos, photos, brochures, videos, pdf's and send them to me too. Then, I will take it from there creating your custom business web site from your very own content. I can pull your site colors and tones from your logo and other images provided.

Your "home town" local business website design style.

Home town local business website design style

I focus on building personalized custom responsive local business websites from your original text, logo, graphic and photo content. They then become unique in visual appearance presenting your very own "home town - real life” local business message within them. I'm no Norman Rockwell but I see the value of his insight in visually relating to your home town community. I build your site from a blank page (not templates!) with the intent of creating a good looking, professional business website. You can read more about my custom local business website design style so you can weigh the advantages this will give your business website.

My "KISS" business plan.

Local business website support service business

To Keep Internet Stuff Simple for my clients! I want you to be a very happy and satisfied customer. One who will be with me for many years to come based on my performance and value to you, not a contract. A client who values the personalized month to month professional web design and support service that I will provide you and your business over the years ahead. I hope that you too will get to know and appreciate the fact you now have a web support service friend who sincerely wants to see you and your business continually succeed and grow, a vendor partner who will do my best to see that objective accomplished.

Some background on my passion, purpose and mission.

Why share all the above?

I wanted you to know that I am passionate about what I do and why I do it. I learned years ago as a young business man to seek out and find what I love to do, go with that and do that well, with all my heart, mind, intentions and good will. Serving others, creating value, building systems, solving problems, removing the hype and hassles from the computer and web technical mix for my clients keeps me in my creative "flow".

I have over 16 years experience designing and supporting local business websites with over 60 active business sites in my support service at this time.

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Your business needs a web site just like it needs a phone.

Here's just a few of the top reasons why you may want choose my service:

  • Over 16 years local business website design and webmaster support experience.
  • Custom created websites that present your unique business personality and message into your marketplace.
  • "Living Website" focused support and development that helps keep your content and code current and updated.
  • Hosting, SSL, security, domain name, admin email setup, web monitoring, intervention and webmaster support.
  • A long term web business serving over 60 active business websites. Most have been with this service for many years.
  • Ridiculously affordable pricing that's probably less per year than you are paying for your cell phone.

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